Freedom Reporter is a tool that provides the civil society organisations the opportunity to report and contribute on any restriction or incident that limits their activities.

Join us in defending these organizations!


Collecting Reports

FreedomReporter is a tool that facilitates crowdsourcing collecting reports about laws violations.

Daily Reporting

More than 200 incidents have been reported through many countries.


FreedomReporter has been deployed in 5 countries. If you are interested on using FreedomReporter, please Contact us


Complete Analysis

Our legal team will review the incident and the corresponding law that was violated. A complete report will be published.


A brief overview about the Freedom Reporter Project

Freedom Reporter is an international initiative launched by the Research Center ” ICT4Dev ” of the University of Mundiapolis , which aims to assess the restrictive legal provisions concerning the activities of the civil society . The aim of this project is to collect data on laws, policies, and other legal constraints that restricts the activities of associations .
The project also addresses the challenges faced by civil society, in terms of financial resources and offers innovative solutions enabling it to operate in better conditions.


An overview of our process

Report by sending any webpage link related to restrictions using our website, Twitter and Facebook.

Our legal team will research the incident to understand under which laws this activity was made possible.

A comprehensive report will be published on the related country's website

Are you interested in deploying Freedom Reporter in your country?

FreedomReporter was deployed in 5 countries: Morocco Tunisia Lebanon Jordan Kuwait

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